Tree Planting

Our vision and ethos for Bootstrap Adventures is to plant as many trees as possible all around Kenya, for the benefit of present and future generations. 

Unfortunately, deforestation and logging has had an extremely negative global impact, causing climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, not to mention a host of problems for indigenous people. 

Part of all our proceeds go towards planting indigenous trees at Mt Kenya National Park, Kereita Forest and Gatamaiyu Forest. We offer tree planting excursions, letting you ground yourself into mother earth as you plant carefully grown seedlings in one of our rainfall catchment areas. We accept pledges to plant trees on behalf of yourself, your friends, and your company, with each seedling being taken care off by locals, ensuring that each tree has its absolute best chance of survival and success. 

We have planted the following indigenous trees (protecting and enhancing local biodiversity): 

  1. Podocarpus (a type of coniferous tree that can grow to a height of 40 meters). 
  2. Wild magnolia (an evergreen or deciduous specie and produces fragrant blossoms).
  3. Red cedar (a type of coniferous tree, of medium build and height).  
  4. Syzygium (a tropical evergreen, that produces dark plum like fruit). 
  5. Prunus africana (a canopy tree that can grow up to40 meters in height and loves moist climates). 
  6. Rapanae (dense, graceful, evergreen tree whose roots continuously grow shoots, and therefore needs a little extra space to grow). 
  7. Dombeya (a beautiful tree with clustered flowers). 
  8. Olea africana (a neatly shaped evergreen tree with a dense spreading crown (9 x 12 m) of glossy grey-green to dark-green foliage). 
  9. Polyascis kikuyuensis (grows with a candelabra-like crown; about 15 to 25 meters tall); and 
  10. Croton (a drought resistant tree that provides great shade, wind protection, and soil conservation). 

We have also planted the African Redwood (Hagenia Abysinica) at Mt. Kenya, which is a beautiful specie that prefers cool, wet climates, and thrives on rocky environments. 

Join our mission to reforest any (and every) part of Kenya. Contact us.

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